Dust and Fire Suppression Systems

Paradigm Dynamix are agents for the extremely efficient and cost effective Hydrostatin range of fire and dust suppression applications. Below is a synopsis of the various products and their application:

  • Fire Prevention
  • HydroStatin HSI-20 is used as an extremely effective inhibitor for burning natural porous materials such as: all kinds of wood, dried natural and industrial herbal waste susceptible to burning, all products of industrial paper and cellulose, textile made of natural fibers, polystyrene, cork oak, coconut filaments, etc.

    HydroStatin HSI-20 is extremely useful in prevention of large forest fire and plant material. Ground vegetation or dried plant remains, treated by HydroStatin HSI-20 is completely non-inflammable for several months, and this may last until HydroStatin HSI-20 is washed out after long periods of rain. Moreover, the same area may serve as a tampon zone and a blockade to the spreading of the fire.

  • Fire Extinguishing
  • Fire HydroStatin HSI-20 is extremely useful in extinguishing big forest fires, rubber fires, oil and oil products fires, some chemical products fires, etc. The above mentioned fires can be extinguished quickly and efficiently and there are no residual fires later. The area where fire was extinguished remains wet for a long time which prevents starting of another fire.

    HydroStatin HSP-100 is used as a very effective means for extinguishing “A” class fire, i.e., fire on porous material. HydroStatin HSP-100 mixed with water effectively and quickly extinguishes big and small fires.

  • Dust Suppression
  • Dust HydroStatin HS-(15-40) is used as a very effective means for controlling dust of small and medium water absorbency. HydroStatin HS has long-lasting effect so that permanent water sprinkling of dusty terrains and surfaces, even in hottest weather becomes unnecessary.

    HydroStatin HA-50 is means for forming a hard thinly but porous and elastically crust on the surface of dust on the depots of powdery material. This means is a liquid which can be applied by sprinkling or watering to the surface of the powdery material and leaves a permanent hard but elastically crust resistant to any climate conditions, completely preventing wind erosion at any wind speed.

    HydroStatin HM-13 means for making a hard but porous cover on the ash depots. HydroStatin HM-13 is used as an active component for making the material which after being prepared, applied and hardening becomes a hard cover on the surface of the loose ash and as such prevents wind erosion at any wind speed.

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