Time and Access Control Systems

Paradigm Dynamix provides state of the art Time and Access Control Systems. Our applications are designed to cater for all industrial and commercial requirements, from the large muli-national to the SMME.

  • Biometric Access ControlAC2500Our Biometrics Access Control readers cater for up to 100 000 employees. The readers range from single access contol systems through to touch screen IP65 (dust and moisture proof) networked (WAN) readers. All our readers can operate in stand-alone or off-line mode.

  • TIME RECORDINGreportYour labour costs can be effectively contolled by implementing our time recording solution. Absenteeism, short shifts and overtime has a significant impact on the bottom line, and by utilising Time Control Applications, your payroll costs can be reduced by up to 20%.

  • Physical BarrierstribuneIn conjuction with the Biometric Readers effective Access Cotrol can be achieved by installing physical barries such as turnstiles, vehicle booms, door control. Only personnel authorised to enter through the barrier will be permitted, addtionally if Time Recording is implmented, personnel can also be prevented for entering depending on shift, leave and security conditions.

  • SALIENT FEATURES Date driven Application, Pre- and Post Overtime authorisation, Extensive reporting, Expiry date checking, Multiple fingerprint templates per employee, Messaging , Visitor management