Some Frequently Asked Questions are answered below

  • what is time and access? Access control is the means whereby you restrict/allow access to premises, offices, factories etc utilising physical barriers such as turnstiles, airlocks, magnetic door locks. Employees or authorised persons are engaged on the access control device, and only those persons will be permitted to open or enter ino the controlled areas, upon presentation of either an ID-Card, fingerprint, PIN code

  • Explain fingerprint biometrics Fingerprint biometrics is a technology whereby a fingerprint sensor is embodied in a access control reader. The user will place his finger on the sensor which scans the fingerprint and compares it to the template on the reader. If a match is found, the unit will permit the user to enter, otherwise a 'Rejected' message will be displayed on the access control reader.

  • How do I know which employees are on site? You can do an online-realtime enquiry on the Time and Access system, which would indicate who is on site, and in which pre-defined areas these persons are.

  • Do you interface to VIP? Yes, as well as SAP, Pastel Payroll. Should you have another payroll application, we can custom develop an interface.

  • How many employees does your system cater for? Our hardware caters for anything from 1 to 100 000 employees, depending on the terminal reader model specified.